It’s one week before election day, November 3rd 2020. If you’re like me, you may be feeling election fatigue. A quick hack that has proven useful — take a break from news, temporarily delete news apps, or check them once per day.

But, it also marks mile 22 of this marathon. A question for you as we head into the final stretch— can we dig deeper?

I don’t share my political persuasions often or lightly. I have friends and family members I adore across the political belief spectrum–– as you might as well. For us, this election has been the…

Impactathon® for Future Flourishing was a fully virtual convening and interactive hackathon experience to innovate inclusive solutions to global poverty amid covid-19 and rising awareness of the importance of building more inclusive systems.

Over 200 people from 15 countries connected, learned, discussed, collaborated, co-created and pitched social enterprise-inspired ideas to poverty alleviation. This event marks the 16th Impactathon and first fully virtual convening.

An Impactathon rooted in UN SDG 1: ending poverty

Rooted in UN #SDG 1 (ending all forms of poverty everywhere by 2030), participants focused on mapping and seeking solutions to instances of extreme global poverty (in emerging economies) or ways to support safety nets to end…

Dear Toyota,

I have so much to say thank you for in this note, and one very real issue to bring up.

I purchased my 2006 Toyota Prius used in ’07. For the past 13+ years, we have been zipping around together all through SF and beyond. It has survived scrapes and scratches, a battery replacement, and even new headlights (a bigger process than I expected), and with well over 150K miles, is sailing along like a gem.

Thank you for designing a car that is smart (and still smart, 1.5 decades later), fuel-efficient, and a true joy to drive…

In Kahlil Gibran’s brilliant book, The Prophet, the said prophet is asked to share his wisdom before he leaves a city that has been his home for over a decade.⁣

As he contemplates what counsel he might have to offer, he shares this reflection, “a seeker of silences am I, and what treasure have I found in silences that I may dispense with in confidence?”⁣

This time of quarantine has also created unique, reflective silences for each of us. Some of those silences have been loud, some fragile, some persistent, some unending, some lonely some fulfilling, some elements of each…

What happens when you bring together hundreds of impact-driven leaders, investors, and ecosystem builders to contemplate the economy of the future? You will hear about equity, inclusivity, partnership and collaboration. You may not always hear about fast food chains and scathing assessments of how much impact is actually being made.

This spectrum came together at Social Venture Circle 2019, “Welcome to the NEXT Economy,” an interactive conference last week in Berkeley, California.

What is the NEXT economy?

The NEXT economy, as outlined at the conference, is regenerative, equitable and prosperous for all. It differs from the current economy in that it is not extractive. Extractive…

Last month, I set a goal of publishing 30 pieces of content in 30 days. The adventure took a little longer than 30 days, and more time than that to compile all of the posts and podcasts episodes in one place, but they are here!

It was a valuable endeavor. It put me back into content creation mode, and also provided the impetus to make the idea of the new season of the podcast into reality.

The published posts are listed below. They are a mix of personal and professional reflection. Ideas for the next 30-day challenge are already forming!

30 Days of Content Creation: All of the Content

This season of The Impact Podcast by Innov8social takes a ‘meta’ view of the social impact space. Through a systems-level perspective, it examines the role of the social impact ecosystem builder, which is part-content creator and strategist, part-convener, and part-consultant-coach.

The season includes conversations with impact media strategists and Bohem Media Fellows at Opportunity Collaboration, leaders in the systems-led thinking space, social impact professionals who have successfully built personal ecosystems for social impact, and the importance of deeply understanding a problem when to try to understand gaps and opportunities within an existing system, to be able design more effective and…

I n a recent conversation “the man in the arena” came up. I don’t know if I had read the entire quote. I love it. I relate to it, as we each in our own ways might.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because…

Listening to Elizabeth Gilbert narrate her book Big Magic had a profound effect on my relationship with creativity. I enjoy writing and am often thinking in stories, but sometimes find it challenging to actually complete novels or manuscripts.

I have a number of story ideas I have started in earnest, from a spark of inspiration, but which end up lying dormant in the back corners of my digital folders. …

What a great adventure this month has been so far. A self-imposed goal of 30 published content pieces, with ‘publishing’ including blogs, podcast episodes, and possibly video content.

Well, we are almost just fifteen days in. In truth, this post will be #10. A few posts in, and a few behind.

But, this experience has been significant so far.

The Gordian knot, interpreted

When I learned about the concept of ‘cutting the Gordian knot’, I had that feeling you get when you discover that there is actually a precise word to describe something that seems indescribable. Like the word indescribable.

I learned about the…

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