30 Days of Content Creation

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To get in content ‘flow’ state and build momentum, I am using the month of March to set a content creation challenge of 30 days of consecutive published content.

This includes podcasting, personal reflections (on Medium and Neetal Notes episodes of the podcast), professional/career articles (on LinkedIn), and social impact articles(on Innov8social).

It is my simple attempt to invite what I deeply seek— the chance to write, the joy and honor of being read, the ability to create a meaningful path through the authentic exchange of ideas, and the feeling of being valued for doing something valuable and fulfilling.

I have spent the past 3–4 hours on a social impact post I have been working on for months, but I think it needs just a bit more work before it can be pushed live. So instead, I share this quick background and intention for this month.

I invite you to join me in creating content this month, send encouragement, and/or provide constructive feedback! Thank you. I really appreciate it and you ❤

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