It’s one week before election day, November 3rd 2020. If you’re like me, you may be feeling election fatigue. A quick hack that has proven useful — take a break from news, temporarily delete news apps, or check them once per day.

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But, it also marks mile 22 of this marathon. A question for you as we head into the final stretch— can we dig deeper?

I don’t share my political persuasions often or lightly. I have friends and family members I adore across the political belief spectrum–– as you might as well. For us, this election has been the most divisive — where we have had to make overt spit-on-your-palm-handshake type of truces not to discuss politics in order to preserve long-standing relationships and generational connection. …


Neetal Parekh

founder, writer, person of many places. a motto: in all good things, #goanddo

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